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Liquidation Outlet of KY

Liquidation Outlet of KY

Retail & ShoppingHopkinsville

About Us

We pride ourselves in offering our community a wide variety of products. Our company has evolved to meet the needs of our small comminuty...such as clothing, furniture, mattress sets, foods and meats in bulk. We offer a wide selectin of restaurant supplies. Anything a restaurant might need, we probably have in stock. We now accept EBT-food and cash benefits.


  • Discount retail


Now excepting EBT cash and food benefits
$39 down and take home today
Now offering a wide variety of restaurant supplies
Bulk food slaes
Gallery Image 41B9CFC7-FD9C-477A-B05A-52DE2AC80D2B.jpeg
Walmart target and Costco clothing at 50% discount
Wide variety of restaurant supplies
Gallery Image EF66427F-E50D-40EA-850A-F17704C86C4D.jpeg
Lowest priced mattress sets in the area

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