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Small Town Big Business with Drew Hudgins (Hudge Media, LLC)

Small Town Big Business with Drew Hudgins (Hudge Media, LLC)

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About Us

Hey Chamber browser,

If you're aware of me at all, you probably heard something about Hudge Creative Media Marketing a time or two (or none).

That was a ''done-for-you'' agency that I ran as a solopreneur with a global virtual team.

It was known for this:

[Hudge… Marketing specializes in promoting and creating media… Offerings: Local SEO, Video Production,Web Design. Branding and Design

Mission: No one needs all the people in the world to be a customer; they just need their ''tribe.'' Our mission is to help build that tribe for our clients. To create or to coach others how to create the best media possible, to tell the most captivating story. To help them get picked by their ideal patients and clients.]

It's not that I got tired of ''making pretty stuff'' for others; it was that I learned that ''pretty stuff'' didn't do jack about getting them success.


People would tell me ''how nice'' of a website Hudge Creative had… yet it didn't matter; success doesn't mean ''how nice,'' success means, ''My wallet's out of my pocket. Let's do this.''

I got busy, studying every marketing and sales copywriting thing I discovered, shelled out some serious cash to get other marketing leaders to mentor me—to show me what I was missing, and then kind of canned all the done-for-you creative work.

I now teach other business owners how to use the internet to get more sales.

You can build your own systems for traffic… for trust-building content… swap the expensive guess-advertising for proven systems.

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