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Divine Intentions


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About Us

Divine Intentions is quite possibly the most unique store in Southwest Kentucky. The paintings on the outside of our store often lead to many taking photos of the uniqueness of the building. Inside the smells & peacefulness often induces feelings of peace and serenity in general. Divine Intentions is a
Metaphysical New Age store that carries products from just about every religious path that there is including but not limited to Statues, Gems, Crystals, Candles, Essential, Body; Aroma Oils, Incense Burners and Incense, Handcrafted Jewelry, Herbs; Spices, Dragons and Fairy Decorations and a
whole lot more.

The customer service, knowledgeable staff, and great prices
often bring people back for repeat visits over and over. Be sure to check out Divine Intentions at their store or online at

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